Welcome to Swizzle Communications — your source for all things written. Looking for effective marketing materials, engaging publications, on-point news releases, persuasive sales materials or meaningful annual reports? You’ve found the source with Swizzle.

We are listeners. We are writers. We are problem solvers. We are communicators.

Swizzle Communications is a communications firm with the ability to see both the big picture and manage the small details. Founded by Susan Wisbey-Smith, Swizzle delivers client delight and communications that work. Susan brings her extensive background in corporate communications, public relations, custom publishing and marketing communications to each client engagement.


We provide creative solutions to your marketing and communications challenges.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to communications. Swizzle gets to know each client, their market and their goals. From there we can determine the best vehicle to communicate your message and craft those messages in a meaningful way that drives readers to action.

Writing & Editing

With a passion for storytelling and message development and an eye for detail, Swizzle Communications delivers content that works. Content that communicates your messages. Content that engages readers. Content that drives action.

It’s all about knowing your audience and knowing your message. When you deliver your message in a way that clicks with your audience — that’s when you’ve hit your target. That’s what Swizzle creates.

We love asking questions. Whether it’s with clients, interview subjects or potential audiences, asking the right questions and really listening to the answers are what enables Swizzle to develop successful content.

Of course, the big picture of message development is wasted if the details like style and grammar are ignored. It may seem odd, but for someone who as a teenager asked for a dictionary for Christmas, checking and double checking style and grammar, debating the value of the serial comma and hyphenated compound modifiers is big fun. Seriously.

Swizzle Communications has experience in writing and editing:

  • Magazine articles for consumer and professional association magazines
  • Marketing brochures and direct mail campaigns
  • Sales collateral
  • Website copy
  • E-newsletter content
  • Annual reports
  • Industry studies
  • News releasese

Project Management

Magazine publishing, marketing campaign development, digital content planning and the monster of all projects — the annual report. Swizzle Communications has managed all of these projects from start to finish. Sure, there are bumps along the way, but what would life be without a bump here and there? The key is not getting flustered. Whether budgets change, corporate objectives shift, leadership changes — we’ve yet to hit a bump we can’t handle, and handle with a calm gracefulness that keeps the project on track.

We stare schedules in the face daily. Without a well-constructed schedule, completing a project can be one swirling disaster. Our job is to keep our eye on both the end of the road and every mile marker along the way.  We’ll do our job, and we’ll help you do yours.

The more details, the better. From initial planning through final execution and follow-up, Swizzle Communications has the expertise to manage every step of process. We thrive in the messiest projects  — those with multiple stakeholders, deadlines and objectives. It’s like a puzzle, and who doesn’t love a good puzzle?

Swizzle has experience managing the following projects:

  • Magazine and newsletter publishing
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Website development
  • Annual reports
  • Industry studies
  • E-marketing campaigns

Strategy Development

Without a strategy, marketing materials and publications are just words and pictures on paper or flashing on a screen. As we all try to do more with less, it’s about making the most of every dollar and every effort. That’s where Swizzle comes in. The perspective of a skilled professional who is not engaged in the day-to-day efforts within your company is invaluable. Not hindered by politics or stuck in the rut of doing things they way they’ve always been done, Swizzle brings a new outlook on how best to meet your goals. Balancing those internal politics and traditions with the fresh strategies is where you’ll find success.

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all perspective. We do our homework on your company, your goals, your challenges and your market. We’ll recommend solutions that work and help you implement those solutions.

Swizzle can help you in the following areas:

  • Marketing program development and implementation
  • Client and employee communications
  • Social media management


During the last 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients from a variety of industries. These include:

American Concrete Pavement Association

American Insurance Association

CNA HealthPro

Council on Litigation Management

IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance)

Independent Community Bankers Association

Inova Health System

MCIC Vermont

MMI Companies, Inc.

North American Risk Services

Ohio State University Medical Center

University of Michigan Health System

UConn Health Center


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